This or That with UK Drill Artist Jetfly Multz


The brand new single, 2 FOR 1, by rising artist Jetfly Multz, goes through a ray of emotions of how Jetfly goes about his day to day hustle. With hard hitting beats and slick bars, the track delivers an energetic and unmissable soundscape. And above the instrumental, through his skilled and sharp lyricism, the lively chorus explains how the women in his past claimed he wasn’t doing a lot; however now the tables have turned and it’s go time. “She said I weren’t doing a lot! Now I’m doing a lot!”. And diving into the meaning and messages behind the lyrics, he explains how he details his day to day life with his lady always complaining: “Late nights early mornings in the whip and I’m yawning, I ain’t staying at mine NTAB keeps on talking.”

Dub-Step Remix or Guest Rap Feature?

Guest rap feature

Live Gig or Livestream?

Live gig

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Crowd of 50 who are all fans of your music, or a crowd of 100 who don’t know you yet?

Crowd of 50

Recording Booth or Bedroom Studio?

Recording booth

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Pre-show ritual or post-show drinks?

Post show drinks

Being too warm or too cold during a show?

Too cold

Guitar Solo or Stacked Harmonies?

Stacked harmonies

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