This or That with Etoile Marley


Ahead of her next single release 'The Hunt' - out March 22nd - we chat to the incredible Etoile Marley...


Dub-Step Remix or Guest Rap Feature? - Guest rap feature


Live Gig or Livestream? - Live Gig


Festival or Gig? - Festival


Instagram or Twitter? - Instagram


Crowd of 50 who are all fans of your music, or a crowd of 100 who don’t know you yet? - Crowd of 50 fans!


Recording Booth or Bedroom Studio? - Recording booth


Cover a classic or write an original? - Write an original


Pre-show ritual or post-show drinks? - Post show drinks


Being too warm or too cold during a show? - Too warm


Guitar Solo or Stacked Harmonies? - Stacked harmonies!


Check It Out

'The Hunt' by Etoile Marley is out this 22nd March on all major digital platforms to stream & download. For now, make sure to check out Etoile's dance music video for previous single 'Moonlight' above.

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