Get To Know: Introducing Songwriter Chris Davison


Chris Davison is a multi-instrumentalist who specialises in guitar and vocals. By day, Chris is a studio engineer at The Forum Music Centre in Darlington. As well as playing in three bands, Chris has made more time for his solo ventures recently. This has come at a time when he caught the attention of a well-known singer-songwriter Gerard McMahon (aka G Tom Mac). Chris has always used Youtube as a platform to showcase his covers, originals and material from his bands, and it certainly paid off when G Tom Mac saw Chris' rendition of his song 'Cry Little Sister', the theme tune to the 80s cult movie 'Lost Boys'. As a result, G Tom Mac invited Chris to a Lost Boys reunion at a horror film convention in Manchester on October 19 2019. Guests at the event included Lost Boys actors Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric and Alex Winter among others. As if that were not enough, G Tom Mac also asked Chris to be his support act for his gig at the Underworld Camden on October 22nd 2019. Chris also plays in three bands: Astoma, Kickshaws & Weekend Sun.

Quickfire Q&A with Chris Davison

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